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Roulette Strategy Simulator

In the past, every roulette enthusiast, who wanted to dive deeply into the statistics behind the game and examine different strategies, had to be extremely patient and even more persistent: he had to throw hundreds and hundreds of roulette balls into the wheel, write down results with pen and paper, try different betting techniques... Over and over and over again. When computers came up, every strategist’s life became a million times easier: with the help of random number generators and Excel charts, you wouldn’t even need a roulette wheel anymore. However, this approach still requires a lot of effort, stamina and mathematical talent.

That is why we created this unique Roulette Strategy Simulator. It’s the perfect solution for everybody who wants to get a quick and yet extremely detailed and statistically impeccable idea of the most important and popular roulette strategies’ success and loss rates.

Why sit down and waste hours and hours on not only collecting data but also analysing it and struggling with probability theory that, as most of us would have to admit, is about as clear as mud? And then do the same thing over and over again to evaluate the stochastic of every single roulette strategy that seems promising… Well, the good news is: All this is absolutely not necessary anymore – thanks to our Roulette Strategy Simulator.

Thanks to the Roulette Strategy Simulator you can learn about the most famous roulette strategies that everybody talks about. Easily and with little effort you can find out, if all that fuss over them is even justified or if you are just dealing with a whole lot of amateurs who do nothing but repeat pieces of information that they found on the internet.

And this is how it works: Simply put in the required data and pick the strategy that you would like to evaluate (you can choose between Flat Bet, Martingale, Paroli, D’Alembert and Fibonacci).

Amount: the total amount of your bankroll, max. 100.000€
Bet: how much you want to bet per round, max. 10.000€
Table limit: the highest possible bet on the table, max. 10.000
Increase (only applies if you want to evaluate the D’Alembert betting strategy): the amount that bet should be increased by per round Spins: the number of spins that your statistic should include
Target: the total amount of money that you want to obtain during the session

Once all the information is entered and you have chosen the strategy, you will get your exact chances of winning in percentages. The vertical axis shows the total amount of your bankroll, the horizontal axis the number of spins. Now you can easily find out, how much money and how many spins you need, to get the highest winning percentage with your selected strategy. But remember: These are only statistical values, and no guarantee for the actual outcomes when playing the real game.

Hopefully you enjoy evaluating data – because you will have lots of it. To success!